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Who we are

      The hearth and hards of FrutArt are Judit Comes, that comes from a family of artists and craftsmen.

      With 15 years, she learns in Ondara Arts school and Llu´sa Serrando arts academy, where developed its aptitudes in design and graphical arts, sculpture, painting and ceramics.

      When finalized their studies, she investigate new forms of expression, like the mud sculpture, stone and wood, simultaneously that discovers its passion by the kitchen and gastronomy.

      During next years she works simultaneously like graphical designer and participates in different meetings and gastronomical events. It's at this point that begins to fusion its two passions as is the art and the gastronomy, shaping them in the decoration of cakes and pies, and evolving towards the advanced work with chocolate and other techniques.

      At beginning of the 2005 when she has the possibility of going to make a course of carvingfruits with the Xiang Wang teacher. Here it she can practice the Chinese techniques of carving and begin to work the fruits and vegetables in an artistic form.

      Practicing intensely and seeing its facility for this art, she decides to create FrutArt, in order to be able to show and to collaborate with professionals and individuals in the impulse of a new vision of fruits and vegetables, as well as to promote its consumption and image improvement.

      FrutArt collaborates with different organizations and companies, simultaneously which it goes to different events for the promotion from a healthy feeding, while it makes decorations and teaching for companies and individuals.

      Judit has displaced by different places in Europe, showing and teaching to people in this beautiful millenarian art. Lately she's being required by diverse cultural mass media and for the sample of its work and perspectives.

Short history of fruit and vegetable carving

      The art of carving fruits and vegetables began in China do about 2000 years, for decorating plates and events. At the moment it is continued making the carving of habitual form in restaurants and great celebrations.

      In Thailand this art was imported from China, in 1364, when one of the palace princess decorates a floating lamp (used in a Thailand traditional ceremony) with figures carved in fruits and vegetables. When seeing it, the king exclusively is touched and impels this art for his use in the court.

      In 1932, the art of carving was "democraticed", when the King decides to extend forming the school professors. Thus, it happens to be more of the official arts, as the painting, music, dance, etc...

      The difference between the Chinese and Thailand carving, one is based, basically, in the made reasons. The Chinese make allegorical figures and images of their stories and legends, whereas the Thailanders make flowers, mainly.